Shelter Rules and Regulations

Shelter Managers shall enforce these rules at the shelter which they're assigned.

Law and Order

  • All existing laws of the country will be enforced
  • Shelterees shall use the shelter areas as assigned by shelter manager
  • Personal Conflicts will be resolved by the shelter managers and or leaders
  • minor violations, such as loud noise at night, shall be handled by local disaster coordinator or shelter manager or designated group of leaders
  • Any necessary restraint and serious disciplinary action will be ordered only by the shelter manager in consultation with his/her advisory committee
  • Serious violations, such as; wounding, stealing or rape shall be dealt with quickly and forcefully by the shelter authority and to immediately inform the Police to intervene

Health and Sanitation

  • Shelters with contagious disease/infection shall be isolated immediately
  • Shelter floors and yard area shall be swept free of waste materials
  • Sleeping areas shall be kept clean and tidy at all times
  • Waste containers shall be disposed of as soon as possible
  • Personal hygiene must be observed (bathing, washing, and toilet duties, etc.)
  • No pets will be allowed inside the main shelter area

Safety and Fire

  • No dangerous weapons, hazardous liquids, or any other hazardous items shall be kept by shelterees
  • Smoking will not be permitted in the shelter
  • No Alcohol beverages will be kept or consumed within the shelter area
  • Shelterees shall watch for and report any potential fire hazard, such as careless use of combustible materials
  • Do not tamper with fire extinguishers and/or other safety equipment

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