Living with 9 Volcanoes

  • Scientists consider volcanoes as either live or dead. The term dormant is no longer used.
  • Dominica has nine live volcanoes and although the last major eruption occurred over 500 years ago an eruption will occur again so know in which hazard zone you live.
  • If you live in the red zone you must be prepared to evacuate immediately once ODM gives the order.
  • Volcanoes usually move from unrest to full scale eruption in a short period of time therefore you should have an emergency plan so that you can evacuate at short notice
  • Your emergency plan should include an arrangement for temporary shelter with friends or family living outside of the dangerous areas.
  • The UWI-SRC is constantly monitoring volcanic activity in Dominica and any change in activity is communicated to ODM.
  • Tampering with monitoring equipment may prevent scientists from issuing timely warnings thereby putting the population at risk.
  • During an eruption, ODM and the UWI-SRC are the official sources of information on volcanic activity.