The Office of Disaster Management (ODM) participated in the Caribbean Emergency Disaster Management Agency’s (CDEMA) Exercise Region Rap 2020 on Tuesday February, 18.

Exercise Region Rap is a Regional Telecommunications exercise conducted annually by the CDEMA Coordinating Unit (CU) to test communications procedures, plans and networks of National Disaster Organizations (NDOs) across the CDEMA Participating States (PSs) and Regional Response Mechanism (RRM) Partners. The exercise is designed to provide a platform for advancing the Region’s telecommunications arrangements. 

Exercise Region Rap 2020 focused on establishing communications with the RRM Partners via e-mail, land-line, satellite phone, HF-VHF radio, WhatsApp chat, google document, social media (Facebook and twitter) and zoom meeting link. These are the forms of communications utilized during the operations of the Regional Coordination Center (RCC). This exercise aims to confirm connectivity among the RRM partners via the various available mediums, which includes connectivity between the CDEMA sub-regional focal points and their sub-regional states and the wider CDEMA system.

The ODM was successful in testing all the available communication platforms utilized during the exercise. With the support of members from local first response agencies, the ODM continues to work earnestly on strengthening capacity in the area of communication which is a very critical component in responding to and managing emergency and disaster events. In this regard the ODM wishes to express gratitude to Sergeant Joseph R. Raymond of the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force, Sub Station Officer Kennedy Ferguson of the Dominica Fire and Ambulance Service and Mr. John Christian of the Ministry of Health, Wellness and New Health Investments. The ODM continues to look forward to your support.

The ODM is also reminding the public that it is important to include a communication plan and emergency contacts in your Family Emergency Plan. Contacts should include information for persons living outside of the area or community being impacted as well for persons living off island. This will help in the process to unite families after an event who may have been separated as well as to give peace of mind to your family on island and those overseas.